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Called “The Worlds Greatest Sports Marketer” by Rob Gilbert and other elite authors and coaches, Paul Reddick is known throughout the sports and fitness industry as “The guy who finds the money” in your business. His private clients and mastermind members call on him to create consistent breakthroughs in their businesses.

Paul started out much like many of his clients. He was a baseball coach and trainer giving lessons and training sessions to the point of exhaustion. At the peak of his offline business Paul was giving 60-80 hours of lessons and training sessions per week.

Although the business was financially successful, it was slowly eating away at every other area of Paul’s life. He was 50 pounds overweight, stressed and burned out. At the worst, he was drinking FOUR 20oz Starbucks coffees—just to get through the day. The caffeine habit got so bad that when Paul’s students had a caricature of him drawn as a gift he was holding a coffee cup!

The Breakthrough That Changed Everything

Knowing that personal meltdown was not far off, Paul started to desperately look for additional income streams to offset his offline business. That’s when he found information publishing and internet marketing.

After a rocky start, Paul perfected a system for packaging and selling his knowledge and expertise online. It wasn’t long before he was regarded as the #1 source of instructional info for baseball players.

Fast forward thirteen years later and Reddick Sports—the parent company that encompasses all his online efforts—has become a publishing powerhouse.

It is easily one of the largest sports publishers in the world today with over 100 products across 9 different markets.

Indeed, the success of Reddick sports has attracted countless fans to Paul, looking to duplicate the success of Reddick Sports in their own market.

Success That Extends Well Beyond The Internet

Beyond running his own enterprise, Paul’s passion is continually helping other sports and fitness entrepreneurs live the same dream. He is known as THE “go to” consultant and coach in the sports and fitness industry. Behind the scenes, Paul has quietly been the marketing force behind many brands you know.

His GFGI Mastermind group is the largest mastermind organization in the sports or fitness industry. His annual invite-only GFGI seminar is one of the most sought after events—and regarded as toughest event to get into, even amongst elite industry professionals.

Yet Paul’s experience and accomplishments also stretch far beyond the online world. He spent 14 years in Professional Baseball as a coach and scout, served as a State Delegate for USA Baseball and continues to serve as the Director Of The Yogi Berra Baseball Camps.

Paul is also an award winning speaker. He’s addressed over 1,000 youth groups with his message of sportsmanship and character. His name was added to the Wall Of Tolerance by Rosa Parks and in 2010, he was awarded the Larry Doby award by Newark Mayor Corey Booker for his commitment to serving the youth of Newark.

You’ve most likely seen Paul speaking at CPPS, Gabriele Mentorship or Fitness Business Insider events. Paul also proudly serves in the United States Coast Guard AUX.