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Build A Reliable, Predictable &
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Brian Moran here from SamCart and Get 10,000 Fans and you’ve probably never heard of the guy I’m about to introduce you to—but I assure: Almost all the top online marketers entrepreneurs sure have.

He’s quietly become one of the most powerful “players” in the Internet marketing space…

And it’s NOT because he sells some big fancy course… or goes around speaking at events.

It’s because the people he works with make money.




In fact, he’s never had a failing client. NEVER. His average client makes $40,000 per month and he’s taken 4 guys from zero to $1 million dollars in 12 months.

Truth be told, I’m a little reluctant to even admit or share this—but this guy has been my “edge” over the last couple years. Literally the #1 reason I got out of the “guru” trap and went from making nothing online to making over 1 million dollars within a year of meeting him.

(Embarrassing side note: He was holding a small in-person seminar when I first met him—and he had to let me in for free because I didn’t have the cash to sign up.)

Since that first meeting and seminar with him, I was able to ditch all the BS, “fluff” marketing and business info that’s so prevalent out there… and finally just do what works.

This has given me…


Now, I first mentioned that many “gurus” hate this guy… and it’s true. It’s easy to see why: Because when you have access to him, you need a lot less info (and a lot more action).

Actually, he MAKES you take action… which is a reason why he’s never had a failing client, ever.Of course, the real gurus LOVE him… he’s on speed dial of every single major player in the Internet marketing industry.

And you’ll love him to…But ONLY if you take listen closely and recognize the immense opportunity in what I’m about to share with you.


Paul has been extremely careful and exclusive about who he works with—and it will always be that way.

I got lucky… I probably didn’t deserve the favor he did for me, and the coaching that subsequently changed my life forever.

I mean… going from flat broke to being a millionaire with time for the people and things I love most in life…

it’s easy to think that lifestyle is just a false dream and marketing hype…


And yes, it COULD happen to you… if you wisely take action today.

You see, for the first time ever—and after much, much arm-twisting, pleading and some flat out bribery…

I finally got Paul to open up new coaching spots, just for my clients.

You don’t know how rare this is…

He not only doesn’t need the money (both his business and current clients pay him a fortune)—he really values family time…

Which is why his doors have been closed for so long.

Still, knowing what he’s done for me and wanting the same for a small number of my people—I really pushed him. And to my surprise, Paul finally relented.

This is an opportunity to be personally coached by a guy who will:

Take you by the hand and walk you the EXACT steps you need to explode your business…

Solve problems for you—often on the spot—because there’s no challenge or obstacle he hasn’t seen or conquered…

Help you multiply your sales, revenue and bottom line profits, often in just 30-60 days…

Cut through all the hype, BS and misinformation out their and just focus on the small number of actions that produce the most results…

Add zeros to your personal income, while often doubling your time off

And ultimately, because he’s 100% committed to your success, will coach, push and if necessary—kick your butt—to make sure that you get to your destination NO MATTER WHAT


Paul ain’t cheap and he’s super tough. He’s like the toughest coach you could ever imagine. But again, that’s why he’s never had a failing client.

He will do whatever it takes to help you get your business (and life) to the next level.

If you’re serious about making your online biz work for you & building your dream life then here’s what you need to do right now:

Fill out the application form below. Do it now.

After that we’ll contact you to set up a call to discuss your goals and dreams and how Paul can make them happen for you.


It might sound like I’m pushing you. You’re right! I am pushing you.

I know what this coaching will do for you. It worked for me. He’s gonna make some people that reply into millionaires.

You could be one of them…but, only if you take action now. Can’t win if you don’t play.

Fill out the application right now and click submit.